What is a RSA (Research Set Aside) Fluke permit?


The National Marine Fisheries Service sets annual quotas for most popular fish species.  Up to 3% of the quota is allocated  for research.  This research set-aside is either used directly for research or auctioned off to finance research.


19 boats are a participant in the RSA (Research Set Aside) Permit program.  Earlier this year, the Captree boatman successfully bid on a portion of the Fluke quota which is set aside for research purposes. We now have a permit from the New York State DEC to “collect and possess” Fluke.  Under this permit we are allowed to fish for “RSA” Fluke outside the published Fluke Season in New York State with a different size and bag limit (We can’t use the permit during the open season).  We are required to weigh the fish, clean the fish at the dock and report our catch to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and National Marine Fisheries Service.



May 1 thru Sept. 30, 2012

During the Closed Season 

RSA with a bag limit of 4 fish and a slot size

between 14 and 18 inches.

May 01, 2012 to Sept 30, 2012

 Regular Season 19.5 inches Total Length 4 fish Daily Possession Limit






List of boats that are a participant in the RSA
Laura Lee Capt. Rod Capt. Gillen
Dixie   Jib VI