LIRR/S47 Bus

Captree Fishing Getaway Package

Daily Train and Bus Service to Captree June 16, 2014 until Sept 01, 2014

Adult $47

Children 5 years to 11 years old $30.00

Includes Round Trip Train Ticket, Round Trip Bus Ticket and Fishing Trip (Includes Rod, Reel, Bait & Tackle).

MTA/LIRR Getaway Tickets can be purchased at any LIRR Ticket Counter or Ticket Machine.


Train Schedule:

Departs Penn Station to Babylon Station


 Sat, Sun & Holiday Service                              Weekday Service

Depart: 6:55am           Arrive 8:13am                 Depart: 7:10am       Arrive 8:08am

Depart: 8:55am           Arrive 10:13am               Depart: 9:05am       Arrive 10:21am 

Depart: 10:55am         Arrive 12:13pm               Depart: 11:05am     Arrive 12:21pm


Please click here for Atlantic Terminal to Jamaica Schedule


S47 Bus

Departs Babylon Train Station to Captree State Park Fishing.

Sat, Sun & Holiday Service                         Weekday Service

Depart: 8:30am           Arrive: 8:45am              Depart: 8:45am         Arrive: 9:00am               

Depart: 10:30am         Arrive 10:45am             Depart: 10:30am       Arrive 10:50am 

Depart: 12:30pm         Arrive 12:45pm             Depart: 12:30pm       Arrive 12:50pm  


The S47 Bus Drop Off/Pickup is in Front of Captree Cove Restaurant


Here are the Captree Fishing Boats that accommodate this schedule:

9am to 1pm Capt. Whittaker

10am to 3pm Fishfinder II

11am to 3pm Capt. Gillen

Noon to 4pm Island Princess

1pm to 5pm Captree Pride

1pm to 5pm Jib VI

1pm to 5pm Laura Lee Express

1pm to 5pm Captree Lady

2pm to 5pm Capt. Whittaker 

2pm to 5:30pm Captree Princess

2pm to 6pm Laura Lee


Returning S47 Bus

Departs Captree State Park to Babylon Train Station

Sat, Sun & Holiday Service                                     Weekday Service

Depart: 2:05pm           Arrive 2:25pm                        Depart: 2:05pm          Arrive 2:25pm

Depart: 4:00pm           Arrive 4:25pm                          Depart: 4:05pm          Arrive 4:25pm

Depart: 6:00pm           Arrive 6:25pm                          Depart: 6:35pm          Arrive 6:55pm


Returning Train Schedule:


Departs Babylon Station to Penn Station               

Sat, Sun & Holiday Service                                     Weekday Service

Depart: 2:27pm           Arrive 3:45pm                          Depart: 2:36pm          Arrive 3:48pm

Depart: 4:27pm           Arrive 5:45pm                          Depart:4:35pm           Arrive 5:35pm

Depart: 6:27pm           Arrive 7:44pm                        Depart: 7:09pm          Arrive 8:25pm


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update June 11 2014